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 Paper:-  2

Name:-Italiya Kinjal B.
M.A:- Part-[I]
English Department
Roll No:-20
Paper No:-2
Topic:-The story of my Experiments with truth

                              Guide By:-Devarshi sir

Q-1 .Describe’ the story of my experiments with truth

Autobiography is also a form of literature. It is an art. The narrator knows what to put and what not. He takes eare of reader’s interest. Merely tact is not important but its impression on his self and its motive to tell become chief objects. The writer should keep in mind his openness. And boldness to reveal the self. Gloryfyimg one’s own personality shouldn’t be. The parpose but shaping of the person lacy certainly would make a good work. In this light Gandhi’s autobiography should be seen.
Gandhi’s life reflection:-
       “The story of my exprimates with truth” is the story of Gandhi’s life reflection. It the desenbes his birth, parents, child hood his growth education,marriage,settlements going.abroad,coming back to India, and involvemeut into various political movements.butthe book does not stress on these aspects only Gandhi recollects well. From his father and Forefather the family members and some of his friends we are told his liking and disliking love,taults and strugglers,pains its which put him into certain given silt atians. It is a remarkable thing that likes a common human being his life begins and plenty of enperiencees show him feeling and behaving like us.
Mohan to Mahatma:-
Man named Mohan was no different than others, in action and the work is nothing but showing a process of transformation of a common man “Mamatma”.He Mohandas was born to a common Kathiawar bania banyan family. He passed his child hood in porabandar in Gujarat. He was a dull student and remained shy boy but some of the values were there, which were truth and openness. The home made some influences of being obedieut, religious .As it was custom he was married early and passed s.s.c known at that time matriculation. To study law he went to England. He had neither zeal nor interest in it. The net result of it was that when he passed the degree he had no knowledge. He had no courage or ability to adopt the profession for livelihood. During the settlement in life, often his soul remained in physical pleasures. Eating, good clothes attracted too. Influence of western world is clearly seen. Like a common husband he many times treated the wife and children.Inshort a reaction and in feelings and thinking.
 But the story begins then. This Mohan began to realize the world. He thought of his practice as a lawyer and responsibility to maintain home. This was the beginning. He began to read intensively and extensively. He begun to have experiences inspirations and guidelines and acquainting with known personalities. This slowly increased confidence. He realized his capacity. Knowledge increased as well. Efforts of self realization entangled him. The truth of life began to dawn on him. He made the religion of service his own as he felt that God could be realized importance of “Brahmacharya”. The carnal desire was going slowly. He showed faith in God. He found it not as process of hard penance, but a matter of consolation and joy. Service to humanity was another mean. Which he found out. Work is worship was now blended with love to humanity. This is known as “Satyagraha”. The whole African life shows the practice of it. “Unto this Last “a book of English writer Ruskin became the foundation. In India, this practice was carried on till the last. Leadership was now established with his weapon of ‘Ahimsa’. Service, love, Satyagraha, brahmacharya mingled in to ‘Ahimsa’. Through it he began to win unknown territories. Weather India or Africa his belief s worked and brought success. Hindu –Muslim unity, spirituality, food and dieting practices, medical beliefs, economic opinions, village and poor reformations became his passion. Success in all this brought him glory. Through ups and downs, pain and pleasure, in private and public his continuous efforts changed not his self completely but the people, a societies and countries.This is change in Mohan that made him ‘Mahatma’. A collosalwork
Is difficult to measure through comman manly tools. A man like au becomes and angel.       
   Mohandas: - The hero? Or the truth?
Mohandas Gandhi is the hero of the book,’ the story of my exp…’. The book narrates his self. As we have noticed ‘Mohan’ becomes ‘Mahatma’. This isn’t a small task. The process is life longer and hard achieved through labor, patience truth and knowledge and so many others qualities we come to know him as a simple man. but at the end there‘s no Mohan. The autobiography shows his manly attitude and practices out of which he emerges as the Hero. But it is not important. If anything is there, it is truth. So rather than considering him as the Hero we should consider truth as the Hero.
                 Gandhi gave priority to truth in the preface he wrote
                “But for me, truth is the sovereign principle, which includes numerous other principles. This truth is not only truthfulness in word but truthfulness in thought.
        He also wrote;-
                “t hundreds like me perish. But let truth prevails. Let us not reduce the standard of truth even by a hair’s breadth for judging erring mortals like myself.
        Thus it is dear he is not the Hero but truth is. The story is related to truth .There are experiments with truth. In pain too he sticks to this principles Socrates said to this principles. Socrates said knows thyself Gandhi did the same?
Various Experiments:-
                Gandhi continued to find out truth. He tried all the means possible. Experiments with water, Earth and food and deistic are notable treating his son in the fear of losing him, He insisted on water treatment. Finally it serves the purpose. Faith in God was put to test but it was restored. His earth treatments too are remarkable. While living in England, for food, his Experiments are many and loess everything. He also explains others to follow. HE goes up to that extent of donating a handsome account to open vegetarian restaurant. Regarding milk he was doutful.First of all the doesn’t favor it but his experiments later on changes. He confesses his mistakes and favors it. He feels one time for having taken goat’s milk during the vow.  
                        To understand the life much more he begins to decrease dieting. Then it comes to the matter of turniturs.Household  things and other needs are reduced.Living in a small village and getting only that amount of living show his firm beelines’ that for one’s desire the wife shouldn’t be counted a toy. The desire must perish from within. After many trials he is able to win it
      Experiments in non-violence, brahmacharya, meager living yoga and spirituality are various and they become natural too him. He is so much absorbed that he even forgets himself. His forwarding clearly says “My purpose being to give an account of various practical applications of these principals……..I propose to write the title of “My Experiments with Truth.”
Multiple Personality:-
Gandhi was known as ‘Fakir’ is the word which suggests his humble personality. His physically he was not attractive but his mental spiritual strength and deeds made him a’Mahatma’.He was of downtrodden and a remained bold, simple, frank, sincere and a follower of non-violence and truth. Morality was his base stone, which he acquired during his childhood Years. The great Indian epics and other books changed him. This gave him ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘Truth’, Honesty, simplicity remained guiding principles.
                Various facets of his personality could be seen in different fields of education, Economics, Philosophy and in reforming the public life. As a writer, too, his contribution is notable all combined together make in a man of high morals and integrated character. In all this his minulity, politeness lone, He is found a noble, humble man.
Struggle & Success:-
              The autobiography shows us Gandhi’s internal and external struggle with the life and in finding truth. Since his childhood he was tasted now and then. Often we saw him plunged in despair but it wouldn’t last long. His caste opposed him while he decided to go to abroad. His wife resisted learning. The family is unable to adopt his ways. Lust pervaded him. European influence changed him. His experiments of water, earth and die tics really tested him much. When he starts living eager life, problems are in the family. These are family problems but in public life too he suffered. The most painful is about train journey in Africa, Which gave him power to resist the rale.Africans; natines.Enlish people caused him plenty of troules.In India too. Including Indians many pained him. Yet this was strong, ironed man bore everything defied the result resisted with dignity and came out vietoriously.A common might have forsaken everything and might have led peaceful happy life but this man never thought of them except peace and  happiness of others.
                Thus the strong is around experiments. They are related truth personal and public life is involved in it. He is changed and he is the came of change. The work is a true reflection of the same


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    Gandhiji! A short name. But a vast subject. I congratulate you for choosing this subject. Very few of your classmates have taken this subject. Good!.... Well! The first thing I would like to point out is that your writing contains typographical errors. Some of the sentences are incomplete.The last paragraph does not make sense. Moreover, at some places your writing exhibits the features of an informal chat. But I like that, since it proves that you have devoted your time to this study and prepared it yourself. Still it would be better if you use academic language. Abbreviated forms should not be used. You have covered most of the points in your discussion. But some of them have remained unsubstantiated. You have not highlighted the quotations. At last I would like to say that you should have equally concentrated on the preparation of the assignment, because your assignment is your medium to show your work and hard work.
    On the whole, it is a good attempt. Bless!