Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Topic:-Poetics v/s The Republic in The Voice of a Poet
Summited to:-Mr.Devarshi Mehta

Poetics v/s The Republic in The Voice of a Poet.
By Praveen Gadhavi.
Them:-Poetics V/S Republic,
Ø              Philosophy V/S Literature
Ø “Literature is a constant effort to impregnate the meaningless with beautified Truth”.              
               Literature is always for all.
Hudson, “A nation’s literature has its moods of exaltation and depression: it epochs a strong faith and strenuous idealism, now of doubt, struggle and disillusion now of unbelief and flippent disregard for the sanctities of existence and while the manner of expression will vary greatly with the individuality of each writer the dominant spirit of the our age, whatever that may be will directly as indirectly reveal itself in his work.”
                   Literature is a socialphenomenon.Another major theme of the poem is Philosophy v/s Literature.
E.g.  Plato and Aurangzeb. They represent dictatorship.Aurangzeb was against Art. But Art immortalized him. It is a fact that when you bury creativity, it rebounds with extra force.No writer can escape from the influence of his or her age.
                     All those great people want to suppress creativity but it finds its own way.Each and every poet represents the spirit of his age.Beauty-How can we prohibit beauty?
Ø We can say that “Beauty is Truth, Truth beauty”.
                             In this poem wine stands for inspiration.Creativity itself is a religion.Literature is their medium to go or to look beyond the particular boundaries.“A poet circumambulates Truth.”Literature is everlasting.Poet gives the idea that you can stop anyone but you can’t stop the voice of a poet. A poet’s voice  always demands changes in our social system. It  challenges the system.
Ø  e.g. Mother. She gives birth to her child, the same way the poet gives birth to his creation.
               A daughter stands for woman and woman gives birth to new creation.Law of oscillation.Every age has its particular tendency and poets advocate this tendency.Poem gives the idea of “An individual V/S Society”’Á poet V/S Established mind set.’
Ø The poet says that hope in the black prison cell, and without hope no one can live their life.
               Poet can spread his ideology even if he is imprisoned and attempts to destroy or control the process of creation results in creation.

                       The End
Subject teacher:- Mr.Devarhi Mehta.

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  1. Hi Kinjal, your assignment on ‘The Voice Of A Poet’ is short but effective. You have written what Devarshi sir dictated and explained. The explanation of creation, example of woman, quotations are exactly pin pointed in your writing. In this writing what I found is your idea in the interpretation of the poem. Giving point and then explaining it is your good habit. But I want to ask one question,

    How the myth of Drinking is pertained to this poem and what is the significant of that?